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Renascent Housing Commission

Founded in 1994, the Renascent Housing Commission is chartered under the corporate by-laws of AIM Partners, PLC to provide and administer affordable housing and sustainable development advisory to public and private sector clients and to the principals and staff of the firm. The Housing Commission provides education, policy guidance and operational recommendations to developers, governments, professional associations and client communities who are involved in urban renewal, affordable housing, and sustainable community development. All funding is provided through consulting fees, honorariums, philanthropy, and the Federal Government through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grant programs.

The Renascent Housing Commission Board (BOARD) has a keen understanding of sustainable community development and pertinent affordable housing considerations, which incorporates economic, social, political, cultural and physical considerations.


The United States’ federally funded urban renewal program was the public vehicle for urban redevelopment which began in the mid 1960's through the 1970’s. Initially this was a program designed to eliminate slum and blighted areas. However, some critical mistakes were made by removal and destabilization of many middle and low-income cohesive and vibrant communities in the name of urban renewal. Particularly hard hit were urban communities devastated by the intrusion of the interstate highway system, that bisected neighborhoods, destroyed community commercial corridors and turned communal park-like settings into swatches of concrete and areas of wasteland beneath raised expressways.

Despite many assaults on emerging communities, BOARD members have executed several landmark projects under the concept of “Urban Renewal”:

Claiborne Avenue I-10 reuse community revitalization- New Orleans, LA
The objective of the I-10 Multi-Use Study was to devise a comprehensive plan for redevelopment of the rights-of-way and of the neighborhoods adjacent to the I-10 Expressway between Poydras Street and Peoples Avenue.

The study area as delineated by the Claiborne Avenue Design Team (CADT) is a four mile, seventy-five acre tract of inner-city New Orleans land straddling Claiborne Avenue and the ubiquitous I-10 Expressway. The study area, encompassing several residential and commercial communities, is bound on the north by Galvez Street, on the south by Rampart Street, the Vieux Carré and the New Orleans Central Business District, on the west by Poydras Street and the Louisiana Dome Stadium and on the east by Peoples Avenue and the industrial Canal.

The planning goals of the Multi-Use Study were based on an in-depth assessment of community needs and the social, economic and cultural potential of the Claiborne Avenue corridor. In the execution of its planning process, the Claiborne Avenue Design Team sought to establish harmony between transportation functions of the Interstate system and the growth of the impacted neighborhoods. The multi-Use Study focused on a series of innovative developments and a planning strategy aimed at overcoming the physical deterioration and urban blight introduced in the target area by the construction of the Expressway.
Louisiana Department of Transportation
City of New Orleans

Desire multi-purpose center and medical facility- New Orleans, LA
City of New Orleans

3. Central City Multi purpose Center and Medical Facility- New Orleans, LA
City of New Orleans

4. Underground Atlanta- Atlanta, GA
Planning, design and construction that revitalized a section of downtown Atlanta as a major, national tourist attraction and economic development retail center.

St. Thomas Housing Community re-development- New Orleans, LA
Established in 1937, St. Thomas Housing Development is the oldest Public Housing Development in the City of New Orleans, LA. It is one of the most troubled developments in the city.

After 40 to 60 years of use, the buildings at St. Thomas remain structurally sound. However, the infrastructure has not been adequately upgraded in response to changes in the building codes and regulations, nor is the interior layouts current to modern standards of living. In addition, changes made to physical features of the site, over the years, seem practical in nature, but it has had a hurtful effect on the social health of St. Thomas. More recently drug activity and associated crime, under-employment and lack of social services in the area have had a negative impact on the residents of St. Thomas and the neighborhood. Once described as a place to live, now almost 50-60 years after it first opened its doors, St. Thomas appears to have the symptoms for a Major Reconstruction of Obsolete Projects (MROP).

Our Board members have served as consultants to federal agencies such as the Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Housing and Urban Development and have assisted in the promulgation of federal regulations under the Developmental Disabilities and De-institutionalization Act, Section 504:

Desire Housing and Community Redevelopment, New Orleans, LA
St. Thomas Housing Development Master Plan, New Orleans, LA
Fischer Housing Development Master Plan
Served as consultant to HUD’s task force on “Community Sustainability”
Recipient of HUD’s “Joint Venture for Affordable Housing Special Recognition” award
Developmental Disabilities Program, Section 504 accessibility and de- institutionalization.
Rural Empowerment Zone Application for the Tri-State Delta, Louisiana, Mississippi & Arkansas Project
More non-public projects


Techwood Clark Howell Redevelopment:
Mr. Ken Chestnut, Project Coordinator
The Integral Partnership (Program Manager for the City of Atlanta)
60 Piedmont Avenue
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Whitehall Corridor:
Jay Asgary
4883B Roy Carlson Boulevard
Buford, GA 30518

Northeast Saginaw Redevelopment
Troy White
1803 Norman Street
Saginaw, MI 48605

New Orleans Convention and Exhibition Center and Warehouse District
Executed under Mayor Moon Landreau 1979
Office of Mayor C. Ray Nagin
City Hall
1300 Perdido Street
New Orleans, LA 70112

Ocean Point Resort and Marina Community
Ray Donato
4035 Stovall Terrace, N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30326

Bienville Corridor
HUD – New Orleans Office
Gregory Hamilton
501 Magazine Street 9th Floor
New Orleans, LA 70130

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