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As a result of our partnership with specialized licensors, such as Britech Corp, AIM Partners, PLC, is able to deliver a host of hospital management software products and services in the following areas:

Central Patient Index (CPI) - a database which uniquely defines and stores detailed personal information concerning all patients as well as any services and care received by the patient while at the health care facility.

Ambulatory Care Information System - designed for use in the hospital/clinic environment to provide access to detailed patient information.

Diagnostic Imaging Information System - a database that maintains Exam Procedure Information including procedure name, code, description and workload measurement values.

Nursing Information Resource System (NIRS) - A database designed for use in the hospital environment that provides care givers direct access to all the relevant Britech-designed information systems.

Rehabilitation Services Information System - designed for use in the hospital or clinic environment. This database provides access to detailed information regarding such items as patient registration, billing status, reports generator, etc.

Nutrient Analysis - An effective and efficient patient/client management tool which provides dietitians and nutritionists with an accurate tool for evaluating and monitoring nutritional intake.

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