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Our Architecture and Planning Group offers a full range of architectural, planning, interior design, and computer aided design and support services. We have successfully completed projects in all types of building design, including new construction, addition and modification, historic building restoration as well as conversion of existing structures.

Exceeding Clients Expectations: From convention and religious centers to schools and city housing, AIM Partners, PLC provides our clients with skill and imagination. With extra-ordinary talents of a full staff of professionals and over three decades of experience, AIM continues to meet and excel in a variety of architectural and building engineering challenges.

AIM Partners, PLC believes that designing a facility with lasting quality, optimum efficiency and low maintenance cost demands close interface between our organization and our clients. We are attentive, flexible, easy to work with and down-to-earth. By listening and responding to our clientsí concerns and enhancing their good ideas, we consistently achieve results that not only satisfy exacting needs, budgets and schedules, but also exceed expectations.

Quality Control: All projects are undertaken on a project team basis with a principal, project manager, project architect, engineers, various specialists, and CADD support staff. Our technical directors and key personnel work closely with design team members to proactively identify potential problems before they occur and offer solutions.

Cost Control: Since eighty (80%) of project costs are committed during the first 20% of design, initial decisions are critical. AIMís skill in estimating project costs enables us to contain construction expenses in each project phase. In our history of over three decades, we have never had a project that failed to bid within the allowable budgetary boundaries!

Schedule Control: Our design team confers with its clients to develop critical dates of completion so that project designs are developed and completed on time. Our experienced design team is committed to providing the flexibility to proactively solve problems quickly and effectively as they arise.

CADD: AIM Partners, PLC is an industry leader in the use of Computer Aided Design and Drafting software and hardware in the development of construction documents. Our Technology Solutions Group offers scanning and software development services to both United States and international clientele. We are able to produce large projects on short project design schedules because of our highly skilled use and understanding of information technology. We are committed to use the most advanced technologies to provide professional architectural services at the highest quality and most affordable levels to our clients.

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